About Us

Welcome to The Blushing Chantilly! We are excited you're here with an interest in our unique bridal accessories. We offer beautiful tiaras, hair combs, headbands, hair pins, sparkling earrings, necklaces and much more.

Established in 2012, The Blushing Chantilly is based in the Great State of Texas and blooming with sparkling southern charm. We are offering modern yet timeless accessories to complement your special moment. Our items are handcrafted to perfection with quality material to create the beauty you deserve.
We will be absolutely honored to be a small part of your one of your happiest moments. 

Why choose The Blushing Chantilly?

There are many options out there and because of this, our priority is your happiness. 

For this reason, we are here to answer all questions, provide any information you need and ensure you are 100% satisfied with your product.